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Operation: Nanowrimo 2010

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6 June
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Who I am, or who we are rather :D are Blyss and Carla, a writer and artist duo who are tend to reside somewhere in the heart of the DC comics fandom and infrequently come up for air. We hail from Ohio, have a wide range of interests that are about as diversified as we can get, and spend most of our time exploring recipies, running around town, watching movies, and working on artwork.

Our deviantart account where we host most of our artwork is available here: http://www.afangirlsdream.deviantart.com

Art Trades: Closed
Art Requests: Closed
Commissions: Open: Prices vary by how in depth a piece is but generally tend to be reasonable. Contact me through deviantart or through a private message here on LJ for further details.

Previous LJ username: Modnaf - some of you may have known me, if so - welcome back, hello old friends. It's quite nice to see you again.

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