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A rant, an eyeball, and a happy ending (I hope).

I'm going to take these in reverse order.

A Happy Ending
As most of you have noticed our deviantART account is finally back up an running. The associate who assisted us with this was helpful when they finally contacted us. Though a series of about 8 emails they managed to verify I was who I said I was, establish that is was a malicious deletion, and restore the account. I'm saddened that dA has no way to restore the images that were deleted. While I have them on file and can restore them the favs/comments are lost which is sad. The deleted included most of our 'big' images. The ones that we were proud of, including the Jason Todd tribute piece we received a Daily Deviation on. There's no way to get that back and while I know little things like that are minor in the scope of things, it still irks that someone's cruelty can steal a tiny honor like that away.  - While I am happy with teh associates handling of the case, I am displeased that it took Carla writing a very *ahem* perturbed, but polite letter. It was the third or fourth that she had to send. They finally told her they'd 'elevate' it to the top of their priority list. Since with the elevation they contacted me 7 days before the account was unsalvagable, and they don't have customer service available on weekends, I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't received priority treatment. However, that aside, we're back in control and happy to catch up on the stuff we missed over the past month - though if any of you posted art you'd like us to see or journals to read we had over 9,000 messages to delete and I can guarantee you I didn't look at most of them. Too many pretty pictures for the hours of the day.

Eyeball Mayhem Part II *Warning - Squick factor: Discussion of eye-related injuries.
In my life I've had a pencil lead imbedded in my eye, a firecracker to the eye, a massive scratch to the cornea (er I think, I was like 5), a finger nail POKED into my eye (*cough*CARLA*cough*) and now an infected mucus gland. *siiiiigh* It's always the same poor eye. The thing is just the walking wounded. Now granted most of these things had a decade between events but... This sucks. However, got the antibiotic spent a day or so fuzzy and blurry and viola! Eye as good as new right? No. The mucus thing is gone, but for some reason the injury from the poking last year? Got all inflamed. The scar tissue from it  has lit up all red and irritated. It either didn't like the gel or didn't like the infection. I didn't even know it could still act up. It's weird to look at. But there's no pain! I'm fine, just weird. O_o

Mr. Water Heater? Why you break? I know you old! I know you work hard! We LOVE you though! - Need a new water heater - pushes kitchen renovation plans back a ways. Bye bye saved moneies however, the water heater we had was the worst energywise and we're looking at getting a much more economical model so... Long-term yay! Short-term BOO! 

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