B&C (afangirlsdream) wrote,

Another Update *GRR*

Dear deviantART,


While I'm sure you find it amusing to respond with YET ANOTHER generic ticket that covers NOTHING, I specifically sent a HELP DESK inquiry, along with my violations complaint because you haven't responded to me. While I'm sure merging the tickets means it doesn't have to 'clutter' up your available representatives. I simply ASKED what the heck was going on with it. A simple 'we're reviewing your case' would have made me happy. 

THIS is what I wrote to you: 

Hi, I contacted the violations department on Monday when my e-mail account was compromised and someone used it to delete 1/3 of my account, flood my journal with images of Hitler, still available on your mobile site, and deactivate my account. I did not do any of these things myself and was told to contact violations. It's a week later - when can I expect any news on what is happening with this?

Sending me a 'response' to this of: 

This ticket was closed and merged into ticket #149293 "hacked".

Doesn't answer one bit of the help desk inquiry, which is where you directed me when I said the violations department still hadn't contacted me! I can't view the 'ticket'. YOU know I can't view the ticket because the account associated with the ticket can't log in, because I'm locked out of it. I've covered this all with you.

Good Customer Service would be responding to my additional inquiry with any relevant information at all. While I understand your violations department may take a while on this issue, the fact that it's been 1/3 of the allotted time before the account is un-salvageable forever doesn't make my tummy feel very good when I think about it. The fact that most of the people I've talked to who had their accounts restored said it took between 24 hours and 4 days to do so? ALSO making me feel very nauseous.

The total lack of getting to talk to a live person? BAD SERVICE

The time it's taking to even get a heads up? BAD SERVICE

Ugh. >_<


 Someone who isn't too fond of her Fella plushie right now.


Tags: rawr
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