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*Sigh* Another Update

deviantART has sent back replies to most of my friends who have inquired at their helpdesk stating they must talk to me directly. This is all well and good but: 

On the 14th while the deletion was happening I notified them from my coloring account that I'd been locked out of the e-mail associated with the account and that I had a problem . All I received was the generic pre-written 'your ticket has been received' notification. I still haven't received anything at my alt e-mail account.

Five minutes after the account was deleted I managed to wrestle back control of the e-mail associated with the deviantART account. I emailed them immediately, again I only got the standard computer-generated reply. I was patient. Later I tried to view the ticket and it said the complaint ticket was 'un-accessible', 'deleted', 'resolved' or unable to be viewed. I commented to them that I would like to know if the case has been 'resolved' as it's not resolved on this end in the slightest.

I'm patient though. I waited.

Yesterday, the 17th I sent a general inquiry to teh help desk about when someone is going to contact me. The spouse sent an inquiry as to the same at the SAME time. She recieved a response almost immediatly. I STILL HAVEN'T . WTH deviantART? TALK TO ME. I feel like my e-mails are invisible. It's so weird and I'm very very pissed about their poor customer service. :( 

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