B&C (afangirlsdream) wrote,

Keeping Y'all Updated

deviantART has yet to contact us. At this moment I find that very poor customer service in the first place. As we have numerous clients that we only have contact with through their site trying to track down emails and get addresses for the Valentine's Day pieces has been difficult. I think I've managed to get most of those taken care of too - though it's resulted in us going to the post office multiple times rather then all at once and it's thrown our shipping date estimates for a loop. Clients are being reasonable, save for one who's not returning numerous e-mails. We won't be doing business with her again.

We're both a bit frustrated by all this. Comments and gestures (journals, art, et cetera) have been greatly appreciated but glancing through some of the accounts of people who have been hacked it looks like even if they restore it will have lost our 400+ watchers which is sad. We don't know a lot of people's dA usernames off hand so while we can get the information on a new account or anything out to some, most we just don't personally know.

No emo-drama filled ranting, but it's a shitty situation.

Tags: rawr
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