B&C (afangirlsdream) wrote,

Commission Slots

We've got four slots left on the $14 commission sales available on our dA. If any of you could spread the word to some of your friends you think would be interested it would be much appreciated. I don't actually know many people on LJ. 

The link for the journal is here.

If anyone here would like to take advantage of the $14 sale, simply private message me. I know a few of you already have. :D 


(An update on Blyss's (Blyss' ?) health. The congestion seems to have moved into her lungs. There's now question over whether the infection was a misdiagnosis, or just a symptom of something else. She's a miserable pool of Blyssie, and is thankful for all the well wishes and is a grumpy Blyssie-monster atm who needs to go back to sleep..) 

Tags: commissions, commissionsale
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